Top 10 actor suriya’s usual habits on home

Top 10 actor Suriya’s Top Ten Usual Habits
•Suriya love his family very much. He takes care of his wife Jyothika like an angel. He surprises her by giving gifts.

•He drives the car himself when he is late to the shooting spot or if he has any urgent work. He asks his driver to sit next to him and drives himself.

•He will ask patiently to throw the cigarette if anyone smokes in the shooting spot and advise that person to stop the habit of smoking.
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•He wants his mirror and some other house hold articles like wash basin to be trendy. He loves shopping these things.

•He is really kind-hearted. He gives 20% of his earnings to his Agaram Foundation.

•He has the habit of switching off his mobile phone when he is in the shooting spot. He also advices others to switch off their mobiles.

•Suriya is very much interested in hosting dinners to his close friends and relatives. 

•He has the habit of dropping the relatives back to their residence when they don’t come in a vehicle.

•He is very much careful in selecting his dresses; he tries 13 to 15 dresses until he is satisfied with his dressing.

•His first daughter Diya will wait for Surya even if he comes very late from shootings. He will play with her at least for one hour. Surya has the habit of bathing her and combing her hair.

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